Pass it on Project

The Summer Holidays are a time when families get organised for the new school year. During that time thousands of outgrown school shoes and pencil cases full of stationery are thrown away.

Meanwhile, many children in Papua New Guinea, who are our closest neighbours, are keen learners but lack basic stationery and appropriate footwear for school.

Fatal snake bites and cuts that can lead to infections are also a common issue for students who trek up to 10km to get to school in the long grass and unsealed roads. Appropriate footwear can prevent these occurences and ensure students arrive safely at school.

The Pass it On Project aims to stop the outgrown and no longer needed items from going to landfills, and instead give them a second life, by distributing them to children throughout Papua New Guinea. With permission from parents, Australian based students are asked to leave behind their school shoes and pencil cases during the last week of school, so that they can be collected and passed on.